2016 Vietnamese Youth And Heritage Culture Essays

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Kyle Wong Asian American Studies San Francisco State University December 8th, 2016 Vietnamese Youth and Heritage Culture is something in America that is as diverse as its people. Through social media websites, advertisements on TV and online, and social interactions, the people, specifically youth, have picked up many different cultures’ habits and way of life. These habits and ways of life have a positive impact on oneself, for instance, partaking in the consumption of different ethnicities food, and thus expanding one’s palate. However, it is because of this absorption of many varying cultures that the youth of today has lost their own heritage, that is to say, their roots. Many youths of today, especially those of Vietnamese descent, have said that they have little to no connection to their native culture. This is a problem that organizations and groups hope to solve by reestablishing their ties with their native roots, and is recognized by many novelists, researchers in the societal and cultural fields, and in the general public. One of these organizations in the Bay Area is called Nhom Tre Voi Doi, which stands for “Youth Entering Life in Vietnamese.” The organization has a history, albeit not a long one, of helping Vietnamese youth finding his or hertheir place in a new and different environment. According to the interview with the current group leader, Huan Hoang, the youth began in the late 2000’s, by their church priest Father Dinh, Sister Mary Anne, and two leaders…

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