2. What Are The Five Key Elements In Our Leadership Definition?

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1.Why is leadership important?
In a competitive business environment, effective leadership is an essential requirement in order to achieve organizational goals. To do this, leaders must be able to provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their team.
2. What are the five key elements in our leadership definition? How do the elements interrelate to form this definition?
The five elements are discipline, support, creativity, insight, and values. With these elements one can inspire and motivate others all while achieving the crucial goals that are in business.
3.Are leaders born or made, and can leadership skills be developed?
I believe that leaders are both born and taught. Some individuals have an innate gift to step and lead. Others
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Leadership trait theories try to explain specific characteristics accounting for leadership efficiency. Behavioral leadership theories try to explain distinctive styles used by effective leaders, or to define the temperament of their work. Contingency leadership theories attempt to explain the suitable leadership style based on the leader, followers, and situation. Integrative leadership theories attempt to combine the trait, behavioral, and contingency theories to explain successful, influencing leader-follower relationships. The management to the leadership theory paradigm is a shift from the older domineering management style to the newer participative leadership style of …show more content…
Explain how each of the five elements of our definition of leadership applies to Steve Jobs leading Apple.
The five elements are discipline, support, creativity, insight, and values are the basics. Steve jobs was a leader because he lead by example, he expected excellence and would motivate others to work at their best potential. He supported innovation and creativity and changed the value system in 1997 when he returned back to the company. He wanted employees to make products that they would love and be passionate about, not just make something to turn a profit. By adopting this style of freedom to be creative and a sense of ownership in ones job the profitability was subsequent of all the hard work.
2. Identify leadership skills Jobs has that lead to his and Apple’s success. Which skill is his strongest?
His strongest leadership skill was perseverance and innovation. He never stopped believing in himself and the ideas that he had. After being let go from Apple originally he went on to develop his own ideas and worked with Pixar, who allowed him to do what he did best. Once back with Apple the fruit of his labor paid off and he was able to transform Apple as

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