1a John Flouts The Maxim Of Manner Analysis

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In 1a John flouts the Maxim of Manner. “Is that my computer” looks at first as a relevant question, but what John rather means is to ask why Sherlock is using his computer. John does give a warning to Sherlock that he should not use his computer, though being polite in not stating what he means explicitly. Sherlock in turn answers the question on a literal level, by simply affirming John's question. He even states where his computer is at the given time, to make clear that it couldn't be his computer. In this way Sherlock flouts the Maxim of Relation, because he ignores the aforementioned warning of John and simply gives a literal answer. In 2a John again flouts the Maxim of Manner, by restating his unhappiness with the situation by asking …show more content…
In many cultures indirectness is related to politeness, which is fitting to the british background of the story. John's attempts of making Sherlock react to his discontent prove futile, due to Sherlock's opposing strategy of reacting only to the literal meaning. Sherlock ignores John's criticism and focuses on his literal questions and arguments. By shifting the theme from his misbehavior to John's insecure password-choice, he focuses on the failure by John. This is even more highlighted in the end of the dialogue, where Sherlock claims, that it would not help John to change his password (cf. 6b), in this way flouting the Maxim of Quantity, by referring to the statement he made before that he believes John to be of a class of people whose passwords he can easily guess. Sherlock in this way simply defeats John's argument, that it would have been simpler for him to use his own computer, but does not respond to John's complaint at all. John in turn resigns and flouts the Maxim of Manner for a last time by saying “No. I suppose” (7a), in this way not stating directly that he will not try anymore to complain about the inappropriate behavior by Sherlock. Thus, the dialogue ends in the two conversation partners not talking on the same topic level anymore. The Gricean Maxims where violated several times, by John to remain indirect and thus polite and Sherlock to distract from John's

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