19th Century China Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Those in charge of the country (Cixi) at the time of 1900-01 didn’t want to either. Due to this lack of reform and therefore technology it meant that things such as the ‘unequal treaties’ took place where they were completely exploited by other countries. Due to the fact that they were so behind in almost everything China experienced severe poverty and droughts. People were obviously not happy with this such as the Boxer’s. The Boxer’s aim was to drive all foreigners out of China, including the Manchu. However when Cixi stated that she was backing the rebellion the Boxer’s worked with her to drive the Western Foreigners out. However by this time people had become very dependent on the foreigners for their way of life and work. So while Cixi and the Boxers were supposed to be driving the foreigners out of the country they ended up fighting their own people as they sided with the foreign powers. As this whole rebellion failed the power of the Qing dynasty went with it. Even the people who were sided with Cixi and The Boxers had lost hope as their government couldn’t lead them to liberation. So linking back to ‘foreign resentment’ had in fact caused the support for the Qing to decrease further. This would contribute to the collapse of the Qing

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