Essay on 1984 vs. Harrison Bergeron

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Vonnegut Jr.'s Harrison Bergeron and Orwell's 1984 are based on the concept of negative utopia. The governments in both these novels control their masses using harsh methods. The government in 1984 uses brainwashing, doublethink, mutability of the past and vaporization to control its masses. The government in Harrison Bergeron uses physical and mental handicaps to control its masses and in the effort to make everyone equal. Both the governments have a tight control on its people but the government in 1984 has a stronger and more affective control over its masses than the government in Harrison Bergeron.

The government in 1984 completely restricts the mere freedom of thought. Anyone who thinks anything that the government finds
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This heightens the chances of rebellion against the government since people can easily find loop holes in the system and are overall given a lot more freedom with their thoughts. The readers came across multiple characters, who rebelled; Harrison Bergeron, the ballerina, and the musicians. All of them wanted to break free off of the government's regulations. The government's efforts of maintaining control over its people isn't in vain, but the control that it does have on its masses isn't as powerful as the government's in 1984.

In conclusion, although both the governments were created for different purposes, their methods of implementing control were totalitarian. The purpose of the government in 1984 is mainly to eliminate crime. The only crime is thoughtcrime, and if committed one is tortured, brainwashed, and then sent back into the society once fit. The purpose of the government in Harrison Bergeron, is to create justice and equality for all. People were physically and mentally handicapped to achieve this. It is recognized as unjust for any individual to have any advantage over any other individual. The methods used to maintain control are equally harsh in both the governments. However, the citizens of Oceania are monitored at all times, while the people living in the government of Diana Moon Glampers aren't monitored at all. This leaves a little breathing room for all

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