1984 : Freedom Is Slavery Essay

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1984: Freedom is Slavery
The book 1984 brings up questions about life. As you read through the book, you begin to ask yourselves how different are we really from the story that George Orwell made up. There are many topics that are brought up in 1984, however what made me, personally, wonder and think the most is the idea of freedom, are the Party members enslaved or are they free in a different way than it is known to others. “Freedom is Slavery”, this is part of the Party’s slogan that is said many times throughout the book. Slavery used in the slogan means weak. Freedom is being able to live life the way you want. To the party being able to live life the way you want can lead to weakness because freedom can lead to ideas, relationships, and different types of emotion; this is considered a weakness. To the party having feelings makes you weak because you are controlled by them. Having different ideas can also control a person because they are everywhere instead of just in one place, with one thought. This is why, according to the Party, having freedom can equal to enslavement because there are different things that can enslave you.
For example, the Party brainwashed women into restricting themselves, and basically having no emotions. The Party made women think that sex is just for one thing, reproduction, and nothing else. They were brainwashed into not enjoying it, or any of the feelings that come. Why? Well because having sex with feelings can enslave and control a…

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