1984 And The Propaganda Games

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No one person truly thinks the exact same way, which is why there’s such diverse society’s throughout the world. The fact that 1984, a novel written in 1949 could have such accurate representation of a present day society like North Korea, shown in the documentary ‘The Propaganda Game”, seems impossible. It comes as a shock that two societies can be such a perfect simulacrum of each other. It brings up the question, “who truly thought of the ideals first and how do they compare?” When side by side, both societies are different, but there’s still an unthinkable amount of similarities between how their society is formed, and the past of their society.
At the beginning of Book One in the novel 1984, it is clearly displayed to the reader that manipulation
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In the beginning Winston the main character is reading a book explaining the truth about the past of Oceania’s society. It states in the book Winston is reading, The Party alters the past and fakes current events. During the documentary, “The Propaganda Game”, it is also stated the government of North Korea does the same. The reason for the countries falsification varies, it is said in 1984 that falsification is “necessary for two reasons, one of which is subsidiary and, so to speak, precautionary” (Orwell 212). In other words, the changing of the past and present is just there as a backup plan for if people were to start to question The party for any reason. Now in North Korea falsification is more to delineate the Kim Jong-Un’s so called good. Some examples would be North Korea faking the world cup, lying about who won past wars, and lying about the creator of certain inventions. All this work is put in to make King Jong-Un and the government seem like the holy grail of all. Another main ideal of both societies is the effect war on the citizens. Winston also learns from the book he’s reading that The party fakes a war going on currently between other the other countries. North Korea does a similar thing, but makes their citizens think their “always on the verge of war” (The Propaganda Game). These alike, but still quite different ideas are put in place to have the citizens develop a sense of patriotism. The bigger picture is to actually make the citizens worry about the war instead of the fact they 're currently starving and are being controlled. The amount of lies told to the citizens of both societies inevitably makes the citizen’s helplessly

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