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Student learning outcomes are a very important part of any training activity (video, presentation, power point, role playing, etc.), because if the training program is not effective, then students/trainees will not learn. The training methods used and the delivery style and appearance of the trainer significantly impact student learning outcomes. Training environment is also very important because there must not be distractions or uncomfortable surroundings. A good trainer must connect with the audience, engage people, effectively deliver information and meet the objectives of the training program. To ensure that I understood “student learning outcomes,” I researched this topic on multiple web-sites, including ones from the …show more content…
The student learning outcome for me was very positive because the Army is great at indoctrinating its trainees by breaking them down during this basic training and then building them back up with new skills to help them succeed.

In completing this YouTube video, I am able to define/describe fraud and discuss why fraud occurs. Fraud is the theft of something, conversion to cash and the concealment. Fraud occurs because fraud perpetrators spend their illegal income rather than invest or save it. Once they commit fraud, it is very hard for them to stop because they usually begin to rely on the extra income. I think that the student outcome on this video was adequate as an overview, but it is obvious to me that there is much more to fraud than what was introduced.

Good Listener:
In this training video, I was taught to identify elements of good listening skills; the personal competencies of listening skills; and the practice of listening skills that leads to actual understanding. To communicate effectively, we know we have to listen to understand, rather than just hear what is being said. Here are some tips for effective listening: 1. Quiet your mind and listen. 2. Listen without interruption. 3. Let the speaker know he or she is being heard. 4. Remember, the more you listen, the more you will learn.

A Good Resume:
In this training video, I learned the purpose of a resume and why it is important in a job search. A resume is a lasting impression on

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