13 Going On 30 Movie Review Essay

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13 Going on 30 is a romantic comedy fantasy film, written by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, produced under the direction of Gary Winick – who is well known with this kind of theme, his other movie “Bride Wars” also got a big applause since it released. 13 Going on 30 was a successful production in 2004, both on DVD rental and box office, grossed over $90 millions just after a few weeks. The movie is a story of a 13 year old girl Jenna, who desperately want to become a “Thirty, Flirty, Thriving” woman. This film is concerned as a body-switch gentle romantic comedy, which is appropriate for most audiences since its content is not only about a love story, but also included meaningful messages through the humorous film footages. The title of …show more content…
First of all, we will talk about the design of the movie. In Jenna’s room, we can see numerous of posters and pictures of the models, actresses and other celebrities in the 80s that are all over the place, this kind of room decoration expressed how much desire of becoming a powerful and sexy woman that the female lead has in her mind. The costumes of the actors are also varied throughout the film, it applies the fashion trend both from the eighties and the twentieth century because there are two different periods of time exist in the movie. For example, Jenna’s body suddenly transforms into a thirty year old woman after a night, however, her mind and her memory still stay at the time she was thirteen, therefore, Jenna keeps dressing up with colorful clothes, doing her makeup and her hair as a teenager who lived in the 80s. Her style does not change until a few days later, when she clearly understands what had happened to her lately. The film also uses the playlist of old time music such as Thriller, Love is a Battlefield or Crazy for You as the film’s soundtracks. Those songs are used not only because they were the favorite ones in that decade, but also because of their lyrics, whose meanings are similar to the situations of the film; they enhance the atmosphere and set the theme of the

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