1212 Essay

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A. Making Inferences

Read the texts below and make some inferences. Complete the sentence with one inference.

1. A Harris poll indicated that Americans, on average, believed that there is a 50 percent chance that they will be seriously hurt in a car accident. In reality, the chance of this is about 5 percent. The average woman believes that she has a 40 percent chance of getting breast cancer. However, the chance of this happening is actually only one in ten, or ten percent. Women also believe that they have a 50 percent chance of having a heart attack, but the actual risk is just one in ten. The average man believes that he has about a 40 percent chance of getting prostate cancer, yet in reality the risk is also
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Within three years, there was a bush fire and the rabbits had started to spread beyond western Victoria. From a slow start, the spread of the rabbits picked up speed during the 1870s, and by 1900 the rabbit was the most serious agriculture pest ever known in Australia. Rabbits eat grass, the same grass used by sheep and cattle, and so quickly the cry went up: “Get rid of the rabbit!” The subsequent history of control attempts in Australia is a sad tale of ecological ignorance. Millions of rabbits were poisoned and shot at great expense with absolutely no effects on their numbers.

Although the author does not specifically say how the rabbits got off the estate, he expects readers to infer that …………………………………………..................................

B. Identifying Themes and Main Points in Texts

Read each paragraph then write out the theme and also the main point that each paragraph poses in the space provided.

Panda Bears in China

1. The giant panda is a favourite of children and animal lovers throughout the world. For many people, it also is symbol of the sad situation for many other kinds of animals. Though so well known and loved, the panda is slowly dying out. At present, there are only about 1,230 wild pandas left in the world. They all live in China, in the forest of Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. Pandas used to be

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