What Is The Theme Of Violence In 12 Years A Slave

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As I watched the Oscar nominated film 12 Years a Slave I noticed so many things. Solomon Northrup the main character in the movie was a normal free man, living with his wife and children in Saratoga, life was good for him since he had been set free years ago. One day he met Brown and Hamilton they told him they were part of a circus act, and that is when everything changed for Solomon. Brown and Hamilton took Solomon out to dinner accomplishing their main goal that night, to get Solomon drunk so they could kidnap him and ship him off as a slave. No one should be able to take your freedom if you are already a free man, it was incompetent and inhumane.
When Solomon woke up realizing what happened he did not know what to do. All those years of
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Violence is such a big issue in the film it is brutal to watch this movie was directed to give you the perspective of how things happened and what the treatment towards slaves was like. It felt as if I was right there watching it happen without being able to help them. I do look at both points of view because most white men back during slavery did not know the difference, they did what everyone else was doing and what was custom at this time. This goes for anyone growing up you follow what your parents do or teach you what is “right or wrong” you follow them because that’s all you know until you get older. So I do keep things like that into consideration when it comes to slavery but at the same time people need to understand that not every slave owner was bad during this time. Some masters allowed their slaves to sleep, bathe, and dine in their houses, which was not common at all. It is all about your point of view and how you see things, that is why living in the United States is a good thing because the first amendment of the U.S. is freedom of speech. Everyone has their chance to say what they feel and have their own opinion about situations such as slavery. Some people may say that violence was necessary and the other half will say that it was not necessary. I would have been okay with slavery back in this time, if the violence was prohibited and …show more content…
When Northrup told everyone about his statements of freedom, it just seemed like no one cared about it because he was a “black man” runaway slave. If I was Northrup I would not care what anyone thought, I would take my happy little butt to Saratoga and see my children, wife, and be glad to finally be free again. Which is exactly what he did but when he got there it impacted him more than he thought it was going to. Twelve years went by and his daughter is married and has a kid, his son has grown up and his wife was there just waiting for him. He missed out on big stages in their lives that he cannot go back and share with them. Northrup was happy to be home but he was depressed about everything that he missed in those years and I don’t blame him if I was in his shoes I would be upset because he got kidnapped and had no way to get ahold of them or even explain what happened. This movie was a great example of how life was in this time and it opened my eyes up to a lot more detailed aspects of

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