12 Years A Slave By Daniel Northup Essay

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12 Years A Slave
The purpose of this paper is to give you some information about the movie 12 Years A Slave and its journey to the Oscars. This can only be done by first giving you some insight into the people who made it possible. Including the Director and the man who wrote the book that this movie is based on, Solomon Northup who explains his experience in the hardships of slavery after his abduction in 1841.
The movie 12 Years A Slave was shot in twenty thirteen by director Steven Rodney McQueen. He was born October 9, 1969. He studied art in London at the Chelsea College of Art and Design for one year and three years at Goldsmiths, University of London. While there he developed a liking for film which led him to produce films such as Hunger (2008), a historical drama about the 1981 Irish hunger strike, and Shame (2011), a drama about an executive struggling with sex addiction.. This experience definitely helped him when directing 12 Years A Slave in 2013.
The ability of the movie to depict so well the reality of slaves in the era no doubt led to it making over $187 million on a production budget of only $22 million and going on to win three academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress(Nyong 'o), and Best Adapted Screenplay (Ridley). The Best Picture win also made Steven McQueen “the first black producer ever to have received the award and the first black director to have directed a Best Picture winner” “Kuiper, Kathleen”
The movie itself was based off a…

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