Mistakes Of Health Research Paper

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12 health and fitness mistakes you don’t know you are making?

You are too calculative about your health. You are a strict fitness follower. You eat and sleep timely. Over the last few years you have incorporated certain best Yogas to your fitness regime. Now when you lament your daily fitness schedule to your friend, he pokes you and point out some daily blunders that you are actually making inadvertently. After hearing such thing, undoubtedly your face turns grey. But instead of upsetting your mind. Gear yourself to know the mistakes to the tee so that you can reject that outrightly.

Nailing on same exercise everyday:

You have a fallacy that performing the same exercise everyday actually gives you the desired body. Being a weight lifter
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But do you know it helps your muscles endure more strength. Additionally stimulates the fibers. Thus, It is compulsory for a toned muscular body.
You look handsome when on steroids:

You love to have steroids in order to add fast density and strength to your muscles. But surely its harmful as the strength of the muscles doubles up compared to the strength of ligaments and tendons. Moreover, for those unsure about the dosage can ruin the natural hormonal state of the body. And also collapses the endocrine system as well.

It is good to exercise in an empty stomach: As soon as you get up, you instantly start your warm up. But do you know that time your body stays in a state of catabolism when your muscle tissues are used up to produce energy. Now this actually increases the loss of muscles which is not good. That is why you should have some protein based shakes prior exercising.

More perspiring means more fat is burnt:

Perspiring during exercises does not mean that you will loose more calories. Definitely to some amount you loose fat. But along with that there is a tendency that water gets drained from your body in the form of sweat but also causes heat strokes as

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