Effective Childhood Teacher

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Twelve characteristics of an Effective Teacher: Review The purpose of this article was to get the characteristics of an effective childhood teacher. This was based on a survey that was done among members of the profession, rather than the conventional method used where researchers look at this topic from a professional’s point of view, rather than the practitioner’s. The author begins by noting that the previous literature on the subject has had varying results from those taken from other sources chiefly because the author had decided to take a different approach (getting information from the practitioner rather than the researcher’s ideal point of view). As a result, the study concludes by showing twelve characteristics that childhood teachers …show more content…
The first such characteristic was passion, which meant a drive on the individual to pursue this particular career. In other words, this is not a job for one who is simply just looking for a money-making venture and thinks hanging out with children is fun. Following closely after this is perseverance. This could equally be interpreted as dedication to the cause to fight for the interests of the children and their beliefs with regards to how they should …show more content…
Because children may be from different demographic backgrounds, it is important the teacher be able to foster a culture of respect within the classroom scenario so that there is acceptance of diversity within the learning environment. To go with this is creativity. With children from different backgrounds, it means that children will have different capabilities to understand concepts taught to them as well as other differences. Creativity ensures that one can handle these differences and still provide special attention to each child in the way that they deserve. Authenticity, that is knowing what you stand for, the love of learning and high energy are the other characteristics that ensure that the teacher is effective. Children often follow examples set for them and they will respond with energy when their instructor shows this energy. Equally, they will sense one’s character and note the love for learning which their teacher displays and also imitate this. Finally, the teacher needs to have a sense of humor. A little fun in the learning process won’t hurt – it will actually increase the rate of learning for the students. This paper is relevant to the teaching profession in that it provides a specific categorization of childhood teachers and shows them some of the characteristics that are helpful. As a teacher, one could have them or acquire them in order to ensure their effectiveness.

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