12 Angry Men Essay

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Proc 5840 Negotiations
November 26 2014

Major Issues

The major issue in this case was rather or not the young man was guilty of killing his father. According to the majority of the jurors there was no doubt in their minds the prosecutor had presented a good case and the boy should be found guilty. However Juror number eight began to question some of the evidence that was presented at the trial. From the onset juror number eight stated that he wasn’t sure if the boy was guilty or innocent and would like to talk to the other members to discuss the facts.
Several times throughout the movie it was mentioned that the jury might be hung. There were several votes with one or two members deflecting to the not guilty side on every vote.
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As the deliberations went on his was able to get other jurors to think outside of the box and through a collaborative effort talk about the evidence that was presented to them. What I really liked about juror eight’s approach was he maintained his composure and never let the way others were acting influence his behavior. Most of the juror’s perception of the boy was that he had been in trouble before and he had killed his father out of anger for getting hit on. His continuous questioning and effective communication proved to be a successful strategy for him.

Negotiation Techniques Used by Juror 8

Throughout the deliberations Juror eight used many different techniques to ensure the boy received a fair trial. Leadership can be defined as influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to get a desired outcome. Though he was not the foreman on the outside looking in you would have thought he was in charge by the way all the attention was on him. Juror number eight utilized every technique that we were taught in our readings in this course to date. Him showing that he was not going to change is vote in beginning was a tactic in it’s self because he went against the grain when no other juror would. I will list ten tactics or techniques that were utilized in the movie, which can be found in our textbook. The first technique is Forbearance, which can be described as waiting in haste. There were several

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