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The setting of 12 Angry Men is a jury deliberation room where the jurors are and required to decide the guilt or innocence of an 18 year old that is accused of committing first-degree murder by stabbing his father with a switchblade knife. Witnesses were presented to give evidence of hearing a quarrel; hearing a threat to kill, and have seeing the boy run away. Another witness swore to having seen the boy stabbing his father from a window across from where the murder occurred. Eleven jurors were convinced the boy was guilty and deserved the death penalty. One raised questions he felt had not been asked or had not been pursued by the defense.
Three questions were raised for our consideration: In what ways would 12 Angry Men
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3). Gradually they began to “Search for hidden assumptions” (pg. 3) of a juror who had also had a similar relationship with his son, who he had not seen since the boy fought back, at age 16. The wondered about the assumptions the defense attorney might have when required to take a hopeless case. They questioned the motivation of the elderly man who had trouble walking but said he ran to the door and saw the boy running away. Finally, there was the woman who saw the murder, yet was not wearing her glasses, nor could she have worn her glasses when awakened and rushed to look out the window.
The jurors began to act out the issues that had raised questions for them. They were able to “Reflect further, trying to support the position, and also trying to see the other side” (pg. 9). They explored the use of a switchblade knife, the possibility to see through a passing train and the ability of a handicapped elderly man to run from his bedroom to the locked front door, open it and see the escaping boy in 15 seconds.
The dialogue in the film, 12 Angry Men demonstrated persuasion, arguments, counterarguments, facts, information, and displays the many ways that the

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