12 Angry Men Character Analysis Essay

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Characters with widely different personalities and beliefs create a number of diverse and tense relationships among characters in the play 12 Angry Men written by Reginald Rose. Some may argue that bringing past prejudices into a case where a man's life is at stake is unwise; however, this is inevitable. Each person has different morals and knowledge, as well as bigotry and prejudice, this provides for heated and opinionated debates. Would you really want a jury of only trained lawyers of the same background? Having different people makes others question their own opinions and ultimately makes everyone deliberate for quite some time until a final verdict is reached. One prime demonstration of this is seen between jurors eight, two, and three. …show more content…
He’s calm, knows how to argue while still maintaining his cool, and has a strong sense of morality that does not waiver. He is also the only completely static character. While the other eleven jurors decide the defendant is guilty with nothing more than a brief glance at the case, juror eight says, “It’s not so easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.”(12 Angry Men). This is only one of the many examples of juror eight’s compassion for his fellow man and investment to the case. As seen in diagram one, juror eight’s figure has a light blue outline, which shows his gentle and calm manner. The orange in the middle of the diagram represents his intelligence. Juror eight changes the outcome of the case entirely. Diagram one represents him as a circle due to calm demeanor and intelligence. Some may say that proving such a large number of stubborn people wrong may be impossible without being tyrannical. Nevertheless, juror eight’s way of persuasion deserves nothing but praise. “I’m not trying to make anyone accept it. I’m just saying it’s possible.”( 12 Angry Men). Juror eight tries to make the other jurors question themselves, not shove his opinion down their throats. This is a remarkable feat when his peers are so obstinate. The lightning bolts in the diagram represent his power and persuasiveness over the other

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