10 Tips: Who Are You

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In Unit two we have a lot learned about “Who Are You”. Many times as adults who are working and adults who have families we forget sometimes who we are. I have learned that we get so wrapped up in our careers and other obligations we lose ourselves in the process as an person. We can never say “no” to a family member or friend because we think that they need us. In so many times they don’t really need us. Also, in Unit two I have learned ten tips on how to achieve and become a better student. I am going to share with you some of the ten tips, which will help you on your college journey or careers. All of the tips will not be in order. I will give the five that stuck out to me the most. Number one “sharpens your speaking skills as …show more content…
Which means it is a great tool but it is also up to you to completely take your time and read your writing and not rush through it. You don’t ever want a person to look at and say where he or she went to school. Many people will sometimes judge you by your writing and you can be an excellent person but all they see is your mistakes. Tip number four “give your writing time to stew” (Bethel University, 2015). Many times I have not given my writing time to stew and go back and read. For example I work for an elementary school and I am the chairperson over Read Across America. I am the lead and I have a team of people working with me. One time I sent out an email in a hurry and I cc it to myself. I found so many grammar errors, that I was truly stunned on how errors I found. I was upset with myself as well and wondered what my team was saying about me as a leader. Tip number five “read your work out aloud” (Bethel University, 2015) which means slow down and read very slow. When you slow down you will find so many errors. One my best friends/sisters tells me that all the time. I find myself doing it but I always end up finding more errors the second time around. In closing I have really enjoyed unit two. I also hope that you have learned a couple of tips or more on writing. Writing can be fun once you get the hang of it. It’s just like a person who is author and they have been writing for years. They didn’t become successful overnight it took time and practice. One day very soon you and I will be an excellent

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