10 Reasons Why Go Abroad

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In nowadays recently, more and more people like to travel abroad, people want to go abroad to see the outside world. However nowadays people prefer going abroad to travel abroad in the past.

In my opinion there are some reasons the first one is polices.

In pass 10 years China police is not very well. Just some rich people and which people live in government can go about. The can pay the height money and play in outside. They can see the other counties and student in other countries.And there are 10 reasons why people prefer go abroad to play.

10 reasons shows people need go travel abroad

1. Provides learning and education about places and history

2. Connects us to other cultures and people

3. Slows us down: Gives us a break from our fast-paced
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You can see the perfect views, taste the food, and enjoy folk. Experience in daily life experirnce less that happ.So is 10 reasons illustrates why people enjoy travel abroad

The second one is government policy.

In the past 10 years government control people go to abroad they will give the opprotunity to rich peoples. However nowdays government fair for everyone. People can select which countries thy go and the can student in abroad.In the local government have a clause to encourage people and sutdent go abroad.when they come back the can find a job in shen zhen and they will have subsidy.

At first the Chinese government study abroad education policy in a planned way, sending students to study abroad, began in the middle of the 19th century. In the changing process of the development of Chinese society since modern times, study abroad education play an important role, and accumulated rich historical heritage, provides valuable lessons for today.

Since 2000 the shen zhen government science and technology project funds of 20 million yuan a year, as a support to deep venture capital. In order to make people come back and work in local
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Look from these Numbers, more parents want their children to choose more high quality education resources.“(Wang Jan Ha)”

The third one people want to increase they knowledge.

In 21century education things to be is important thing in every family. The parents want they child get the higher education. So they sent them kinds to study abroad. Study in university for example in SCCSC the student when they finish the high school they will go abroad and study in

university to communicate with other student in different countries. It can increase they knowledge and social ability in order to protect themselves. Study abroad can make us better understand the traditional custom, and the festival.

To conclude, people enjoy go abroad to travel and study because they mind was change they will spend more money on theself and to see the big world.

Wang Lin “Why people like go abroad to

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