10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Shanice Cordones
Same Sex Marriage
“If anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form” (Will Smith). Same sex marriage has been an epidemic for centuries now, making it a controversial and sensitive topic. Same sex marriage is when two individuals of the same sex marry one another. Marriage has always been between a man and woman, but as the years go on and generations grow, same sex marriage has become well known. Same sex marriage is currently one of the most conflicting political topics of today. Marriage is found everywhere, all across the United States, in every race, every social class, every religion
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In an article called “10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal” by Hendrik Hertzberg it says, “In New York, thousands of gay couples have already gotten married. Manhattan is expecting $9 million revenue during the first year that gay marriage was legalized”. This shows that by allowing same sex marriage, the government will receive revenue from the wedding ceremony. The revenue can be used for city maintenance or other needs. According to “Same-sex marriage to boost state tax revenue” by Kay Bell it states that, “The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law says that the increased number of weddings could produce a national economic boost of up to $2.6 billion in just the first three years that same-sex marriage ceremonies are performed nationwide”. In other words, the revenue received for the marriage ceremony would boost the economy. Legalizing same sex marriage is highly beneficial to the …show more content…
In an article titled “LGBT Adoption Statistics” by (http://www.lifelongadoptions.com/lgbt-adoption/lgbt-adoption-statistics) it states “Of the 594,000 same-sex couple households in the United States, 115,000 have children”. More than thousands of children across the world struggle with becoming adopted and having a real stable home. Gay people all around the world are all for adopting since they cannot reproduce children, making adoption a huge benefactor. In an article named “Adoptions by Gay Couples Rise, Despite Barriers” by (Sabrina Tavernise) had said “The child welfare system has come to understand that placing a child in a gay or lesbian family is no greater risk than placing them in a heterosexual family”. Children that seek to become adopted do not worry about if there is a male and female figure in the equation, they are striving for a stable home. Children who have lived in homes with gay parents have lived successful lives because of the full understanding they have of the situation. In an article named “Can Gay Marriage Solve Our Adoption Problem?” by (Megan Mcardle) says “According to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, 400,000 children are living in the United States without permanent families — or, as they’re more commonly called by the children, “forever homes,”. That number could be dropped drastically by the legalization of same sex marriage, giving

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