Essay on 10 Emerging Cutting Edge Retail Tech Trends

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Title - 10 Emerging Cutting-Edge Retail Tech Trends in 2016

Summary -

10 tech newbies can change the retail experience. Whether it is a giant omni channel retail or is a smaller version,these 10 are a MUST have.

Body -

With the launch of tech newbies every other day, the retail environment is changing constantly. From Wearables to Andriod, predictive Analytics to IoT, whatever, wherever we do today, has tech-touch.

In 2016, we think 10 tech-smarties will lead the industry. So let 's take a quick look and understand how they can transform the world around us.

We are going to start with the leader of technology - Internet of Things (IoT). It is the network of all physical things connected in a single network. The embedded software within the channel enables it to communicate with all connected device and hence exchange data providing better insight to customers shopping behaviour and current market trends. It thus cuts cost and increase productivity.

Users can interact with virtual shopping experience with the introduction of Virtual Reality in Retail Outlets. This can provide the customer with more personalised shopping experience with retailer interaction. Virtual Reality though not introduced globally, but is the sure future of retail shopping.

In the competitive world of online shopping, retailers are also taking an active part to enhance the retail shopping experience. The launch of Beacon Technology has underpinned the need and introduced proximity shopping…

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