10 Benefits Of Chia Seeds Essay examples

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10 Benefits of Chia Seeds
If you have taken a recent glance at healthy recipes online lately, then you have probably come across an interesting, newly popular, ingredient called chia seeds. You may have even started spotting them in tiny packaged at your local grocery store. That Is because chia seeds are an up and coming super food that is gaining a lot of popularity, for all the right reasons. Chia seeds are exactly what their title says, seeds; but they are packed full of nutrition! Chia seeds are extracted from chia plants, Salvia Hispanica, a type of flowering plant native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. The chia plant is a flowering species that produces purple and white flower clusters at the end of its stems.
Though some believe that chia seeds are the secret key to weight loss, the truth is, there isn’t a magic seed for weight loss. However, the first step to weight loss and overall health is starting with what you consume. Though studies have yet to prove that chia seeds can in fact keep you full longer and help you lose weight, the nutritional value in chia seeds can still give you a kick start to healthy weight loss. Just a 2 Tablespoons serving can give you nearly half of your daily recommended nutritional intake.
1.) Antioxidants
Chia seeds are packed full of antioxidants; they help to protect the fats within the seed from going rancid. Antioxidants work to ward of the production of free radicals within the body. Free radicals can damage cell…

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