1. What Is The Purposes Of Creation, And Does Humanity Have A Purpose Of Creation?

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Evan Decker
HUM Mythologies
The purpose of this essay is to give a personal standpoint on the questions provided, based off of the pieces of information that I have the either watched, read, or reviewed up until this point in the course. Throughout the essay I will answer the following questions in my own words. 1. How “just” is the world and the relationship that exists between man and god that is envisioned in the different myths? 2. What is the purpose of creation, and does humanity have a purpose for existing? 3. What role does a personal sense of morality play in the course material you have studied so far? 4. How do the different types of ritual that have been created help man make sense of his place in the universe?
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Is our reality, only an arbitrary occasion, the leaf blowing in the breeze? In the event that we recommend that there is an importance or reason superimposed on human life, what is the puzzling force that permeates our existence with such a reason or significance? On the off chance that this dark power does exist, how can it show itself? In the event that this dark power does not show itself to people in any goal shape, it doesn't exist the extent that people are concerned. Along these lines, it can't pass on a predetermined or fated importance to our …show more content…
Do different creatures have an importance or centrality connected to their life? On the off chance that exclusive human life has meaning, would could it be that separates people from different creatures? The immense chimps are the main cousins of people. Is there a significance connected to their life? Does a cow, or a pig have an importance or reason attributed to its life, but to fill in as a food source for people?
The appropriate response is extremely straightforward: Evolution has hereditarily organized individuals to render them unequipped for promptly conferring suicide. Our to a great degree effective and all-inescapable survival impulse averts suicide and makes implosion practically outlandish, unless a man is rationally seriously sick.

This profoundly embedded, hereditary survival system makes it possible for mankind, or some other living creatures, to exist. Without our almighty survival intuition, which additionally drives us to sustain our qualities, humankind could never have advanced and individuals would not currently exist on

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