Personal Statement: A Career As A Bookkeeper

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If $50 per hour working from home sounds like something you 'd be interested in doing, a job as a bookkeeper might be perfect for you. It allows you the flexibility of working from home yet making real money to sustain your family 's lifestyle. You have the ability to work part-time or full-time depending on where and how you work.

You should ask yourself some questions and plan your career as a bookkeeper before you jump in with both feet. The following questions should help you decide whether this a good career for you.

1. Do You Need a Degree to be a Bookkeeper?

You don 't need to have a degree or be a Certified Public Accountant to help business owners balance their books. There are certain tasks that overlap between an accountant and a bookkeeper, so someone with experience can certainly be a bookkeeper. In fact,
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Where Do You Find Legitimate Jobs for Bookkeepers? has jobs that are open to U.S. residents, but doesn 't accept applicants from other countries. You 'll be assigned to a client, and you 'll perform through the site 's platform.

Click Accounts allows qualified candidates to work within their system for clients who use Quickbooks, PeachTree and SAGE. Bookkeepers can do tax preparation or work with shopping cart applications.

Job boards like Indeed and Monster have positions available for bookkeepers who want to work remotely. You 'll need a professional resume and the ability to conduct virtual interviews. Skype is a helpful tool to have for talking with potential employers or clients.

Whether you decide to work with an established company as a remote employee or a freelancer making your own hours, becoming a bookkeeper is a job that will allow you to make decent money while staying at home with your family. Let us know what you think about this list below. Share it with anyone you know who has been looking for home employment

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