1: Crime and People Essay

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Lab 1
By what percent has the U.S. prison population increased in the last three decades? The U.S. prison population has increased 790%.
According to the deputy director of the U.S. program at Human Rights Watch, how does the growing number of prisoners reflect a human rights problem? “As many of the people caught up in the criminal justice system are low income, racial and ethnic minorities, often forgotten by society,”
Besides juveniles, what other age group is experiencing unprecedented incarceration rates? Does this surprise you? Why or why not? Another age group experiencing unprecedented incarceration rates is with very elderly people. Yes, it surprises me very much. I was not expecting to read that at all. I guess mainly because I
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It costs between 25,000 and 30,000 dollars to house a single prisoner in the United States. Actually, this amount does surprise me. I never really thought about how much money it actually was. Of course they have to pay for all their food and the electric bill for the lights, and different things like that, but yes it still did surprise me.
What does the author of the article argue is the biggest contributor to the growing number of prisoners? Do you agree? Why or why not? He argues over the fact that mandatory minimum would be the greatest contributor to the growing number of prisoners. I do agree with the author because it does create overcrowding instead of reducing crime. Because a real criminal is still going to do the crime either way even knowing the laws.
Lab 2
The speaker argues that the criminal justice system in America treats you better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent. Do you agree? Why or why not? No, I personally think they treat everyone the same, white, black, rich, or poor.
According to the speaker, what percentage of black men in Alabama have permanently lost their right to vote? Are you surprised by this figure? Why or why not? He said 34% of black men in Alabama have lost their right to vote. Yes, I am surprised of this, whether it’s true or not, I am surprised.
Do you think that the United States should have life imprisonment without parole for children? Explain. How does the speaker feel about this issue? No, I

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