1.1 Explain The Importance Of A Holistic Approach To Assessment And Planning Of Care Or Support

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Register to read the introduction… The individual always has the first choice and decision relating to their plan of care and can be adapted by care staff to provide the quality of care the individual has the right to receive. After the care plan is written and completed but before it is implemented fully the individual has the right to read and accept their plan of care as the way they wish to be cared for. Any changes are to be made as quickly and as soon as possible in order for the care to accurate . The individual can at any time change their mind and re evaluate each need as much as they …show more content…
3.4 How is the care plan recorded. A file is built retaining all the information collected and is confidential, only allocated staff involved with the individual are allowed access to personal individual information. The care plan is updated on a regular basis (monthly in my establishment) or when the need changes or a new need is identified.
[HSC3020.4] Be able to support the implementation of care plans
Assessment Criteria

4.3 How do you adjust the plan in response to changing needs or circumstances Regular updates and evaluations are needed to keep a care plan updated. Regular assessments involving the individual are needed to identify changing needs or circumstances. If needs have changed or new needs are identified then the care plan needs to be updated accordingly.

[HSC3020.6] Be able to facilitate a review of care plans and their implementation
Assessment Criteria 6.1a how do you seek agreement with the individual and others about:
• who should be involved in the review

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