1.1 Explain How Communication Affects Relationships In And Adult Social Care Setting

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Register to read the introduction… Q 2.4 Explain why it is important to respond to an individual’s reactions when communicating?

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It is important to respond to an individual’s reactions when communicating so that they are aware that you are listening. Responding using body language will also tell them if you are interested or not. For example if someone is telling you what they for Christmas last year and you huff and puff and role your eyes this would show that you are not really interested in what the person is saying.
Response to reactions is also important to establish people’s needs and helps build and maintain relationships. If a service user can trust you they are more likely to open up to you and allow you to be a part of their care plan, whereas if the client cannot trust you they may refuse to be treated by you or communicate with you.
Q 3.1 Explain how individuals from different backgrounds may use communication methods in different ways?

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Communication can be slightly different when using it with other people from different backgrounds, it can be
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Confidentiality is important in health and social care give you guidance on the information about service users you can disclose. If a service user gives you information about themselves then they would expect you to keep the information confidential. However when the information is at risk of putting the service user in danger or if a safeguarding and protection issue confidential information can be disclosed to others. Even though this can be done it is still always in the interest of the service user to make them aware that you are disclosing their information to

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