“Art” as a Form of Resistance Essay

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“Art” as a Form of Resistance
W.E.B. Du Bois discussed how blacks struggled to deal with “the problem of the color line”. The idea of the color-line is brought up in essence to the role of racism in our society and American history. Many people of color used art as a tool to fight back and try using different forms of art as resistance, but it does not always work. Using “street art”: graffiti, tagging or murals, is one of the ways how people tried to push back against oppression. Graffiti art is thought of to be vandalism and disturbance of the public, but it is just a form of self-expression. Artists use graffiti as a way to show their talent and opinions to the public. Street art is a tool that is used to resist against racial
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In other words what Morgan was trying to say is that many young black men have expressed their pain and struggle through the art of hip-hop, not music in particular but graffiti art, and will continue to do so.
Graffiti is at times used as protest. Nicholas Ganz wrote that the “environment fuelled an artist battle against the power broken in society, and a breakaway from poverty and the ghetto” (8). Those living in poverty are stereotyped to be people of color. Dealing with their life style and discrimination, young adult males started their own form of protest, what is now known as “street art”. Several murals carry out a message to the community. Many murals in Philadelphia have a political outlook, along with people’s unity. That is what most artists attempt to do they try to unite the people, the colored and the whites. One mural in particular, that is located in Kensington, has multi-racial people pained, and working together and accepting one another. On this mural there are motivational words such as: unity, potential and hope. An artist Alberto said “Think about … the [local neighborhood]. … Street art has completely changed the area. Now it is beautiful, it has a public value, a social identity. … [We] are “social animals” so we have it. But we are not using the

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