‘Theatre Should Be About the Way We Live Now, Not the Way We Used to Live’. Discuss This Statement, in the Light of the Production You Have Seen, to Show Your Understanding of How You Think the Impact of the Play Has

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The performance we saw of Romeo and Juliet directed by Rob Salmon was designed to appeal to a contemporary audience; attempting to show characters that one would expect to see in the local area, a key example of this could be costume worn by Lady Capulet. Throughout the performance Lady Capulet was wearing clothes which could be considered some what provocative, with a very bold leopard print, a statement in society that is often considered to be ‘wild’ and suggestive of being sexually available. This is a major contrast to what an audience would have seen women wearing in the era of the original performance, women were very controlled by society’s standards and revealing merely an ankle would be seen as scandalous. This is clearly an …show more content…
Although these buildings still exist and therefore have been passed through generations (meaning that for some this is the way of life for them even now), for most, and almost certainly for all of the audience these surroundings would have felt much more historic and alien. It was these surroundings that consistently reminded the viewer of how these families would have lived if they had existed at the time of writing and brought you back, along with the use of Shakespearian language to consider the lives of those in the past. This nod to the original context; even if unintentional, although somewhat alienating to a contemporary audience it also allowed me to consider the never aging themes that Shakespeare tried to include in the play; themes of love and death still prominent in today’s entertainment.
Music was used in the performance during the party scene, played via CD to portray a disco similar to those experienced by most at many ‘family get togethers’. The music played was party classics such as ‘Celebrate’ that was instantly recognisable by the audience and was used to help set the atmosphere of this scene as a very joyous moment; the calm before the storm. However during the original performance music would have been performed live on lute and similar stringed instruments, and it was not used to communicate plot or story line as we are used to experiencing now and would often be used

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