‘Nanook of the North Seems Poised Between Documentary and Fiction…It Marks a Moment Before the Distinction Between Fiction and Documentary Is Set.’ (William Rothman)

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‘Nanook of the North seems poised between documentary and fiction…it marks a moment before the distinction between fiction and documentary is set.’ (William Rothman) by Anuradha Chowdhary Email: anuradha_chowdhary16@hotmail.com Address: Manna Ash House, 8-20 Pocock Street, London- SE10BW. Looking back to the early development, documentary was called to be crucial in the phase of

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But, this is what has been called in the film world as “fiction”.
Profusion of fiction is basically upon the fact, however, when this can be called something a documentary, it is to be held up to various standards; one work of Robert Flaherty, even though, first-rate, fails to attain. In this regard, such commercial motion pictures programming, this said “documentary” eventually found a niche in the form of newsreels, which in fact has been a regular part of commercial film exhibition (Rothman 1998). Together with the previews as well as cartoons, in which they all in support of the narrative feature films.
Even though newsreels could just report on news once the fact has been done, when the stories being covered were already acknowledged. With that they appealed to audiences for the reason that they have provided an experiential propinquity in which exceeded the chronological immediacy of the daily newspaper. It was in 1922 that Robert Flaherty (1884–1951), as called to be one of the former explorers and prospectors with slight training in cinematography. (Rotha 1983)
He created Nanook of the North; this is a film pertaining to Inuit life in the Canadian far north that demonstrated documentary, as this could be both considered as an art and an entertainment. In fact, Flaherty skillfully employed fictional techniques like in the utilization of close-ups and parallel editing for the purposes of engaging viewers in the world of Nanook. This film has moved beyond the
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