Essay on ‘Is Apple an Ethical Organization?’

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Apple has achieved great success in the last 15 years with a market capitalization of over $500 billion which has made it the world’s most valuable and profitable business. It has achieved excellence through use of latest technology and innovative products making it much profitable than its competitors. However, it has been questionable whether the profits are made ethically (Apple Inc, 2012). In the recent past has been criticized for behaving unethically and not demonstrating true corporate social responsibility on their part. Popular media and business release had found Apple behavior much inclined towards unethical means. The company has been continuously criticized for issues like taking unfair advantages of its market …show more content…
Apple instead just offered one year of warranty service in Italy and offered to sale Apple Care for additional one year. This strategy of Apple was highly criticized and was very unethical on the part of company. It was considered to be pure profit maximization strategy at the cost of practicing unethical behavior in the working environment of the company.

Recently in China the company was again found to unethical means as it used old back covers in its mobile phones when it came for repairing as broken iPhones in the company’s service centre. Further it also claimed that the warranty period of changed period is just 90 days. It was lately in 2013 that the new CEO of the company Tim Cook apologized for the same and changed the policy in China.

SECRECY: Apple has always maintained an obsession with secrecy. One can in most of the magazines and journals read that the Apple Officials had refused to make any comment and things had been kept secret. It is owing to this secrecy policy of the company that invites unethical behavior as without correct and timely information it becomes a difficult task for its customers, investors, employees and other activists to know whether the company has been engaged in unethical behavior or not, to know whether the company has been spewing

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