Cultural Industries in the Digital Age: Some Provisional Conclusions

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Media, Culture & Society Cultural industries in the Digital Age: some provisional conclusions
Enrique Bustamante Media Culture Society 2004; 26; 803 DOI: 10.1177/0163443704047027 The online version of this article can be found at:

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Digital transformations in the economic structure of the cultural industries An empirical and applied study such as this inevitably imposes limits to any attempt to develop pretentious general theories that are supposedly definitive regarding objects which are still in transition and even under construction (technologically, economically and socially). Hence, we face many imponderables over the next few years and even decades. The demands of coherence make us resist any temptation to fall for integrated and apocalyptic interpretations, which might be brilliant and attractive to the media but are deceptive and useless for a more comprehensive analysis. Rather, the study has aimed to identify the fundamental transformations achieved or under way, the growing cross-cutting problems and essential challenges presented by changes in the cultural industries and their adaptation to new supports and networks. The most evident finding of a sector-by-sector study is that there is a consistent line of continuity and that digital change does not engender a revolution, an abrupt rupture with past history, because the new technologies cannot erase the core nature of the media within modern capitalist society

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