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mas media
means of communcation that reach large audiences television developed with lightnig speed
FCC-federal communications commission
the goverment agency that regulates and license television, telephone, telegraph, radio, and other commications industries, had allowed 500 new stations to broadcast
beat movemtn
expressed to social and literary confcomfity of artsits, powets and writers
rock n roll
a name that has come eto mean music taht both black and white, music that is ameircan
style of music cahracterized by the use of iporvision
urban renewal
one proposed solution to the housing problem in inner cites
-national housing act was passed to provide decent homes for amerians
hired hnads, were allowd into the US to harvest crops
termination policy
eliminated federal economic support discontinued the reservation system and distibuted tribal lands among indivudal NAtive AMericans
planned obsolescence
in order to encourage concsumers to purchase more goods, manufactueers pruposley designed products to become obsolete
buying material goods came to be equated with success
Dr. Jonas Salk
developed vaccine for polio
baby booma
as soldiers returned home form the war they contributed to the unprecendted population explosion
a company that offers similar products ot services in many locations
a major corporation that includes a number of similar companies in unrelated industries