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What was the significance of the founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607?
1st permanent English settlement in New World.
What were ways or methods used by the Engilsh colonists to protest the British parlimentary acts leading to the American Revolution?
What was the significance of the Treaty of Paris 1783? What were the provisions?
Americans won.

Provisions= They get land east of the Mississippi River.
Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence? What year was it signed?
Thomas Jefferson, 1776
On what reasoning did Jefferson say people should be able to alter or abolish their governments?
When the Government doesn't serve and meet the needs of the people.
Unalienable Rights-
Rights that cannot be taken away.
How were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation solved?
The Constitution
What was the significance of: Lexington and Concord Massachusetts; Saratoga, New York; and Yorktown, Virginia??
Lexington and Concord= 1st Battle in American Revolution.

Saratoga= Turning point in the war.

Yorktown= last major battle!
What two steps are needed for an amendment to be added to the US constitution?
proposal amd ratification
What was the significance of the Great Compromise to the US Constitution in regard to representation in the two houses of Congress?
Large and small states are equally represented.
In what year was the Constitution written and ratified by the 9th state?
What form of Government is represented by the US constitution?
Republic, Representative Democracy
What was the purpose of the Federalist Papers written by Hamilton, Jay and Madison?
Get people to support Stong National Government
What did the ANTI FEDERALISTS add to the Constitution?
What is the source of the principles of government such as limited government and basic rights of man?
Magna Carta and English Bill Of Rights
What is the General purpose of the 4,5,6,7 and 8th amendments put together?
Rights of Accused People
What does someone under the oath of a trial say when they say, "Your honor, I plead the 5th."
They aren't incriminating themself.
You elect people to represent us in politics
Explain Checks and Balances.
All branches have power over each other. Limits branch power.
What victory of the American patriots in the American Revolution convinced the French to join the Americans in fighting Britain?
Battle of Saratoga.. (The turning point in the war.)
What English document provides the source of the 6th Amendment Trial By Jury of peers?
Magna Carta
What basic freedoms are provided in the First Amendment?
Press, Speech, Religion, Petition, Assembly.
What is meant by the phrase, "separtation of church and state" in reference to the 1st Amendment?
Government doesn't sponsor religion. FREE RELIGION.
What is the significance of the Northwest Ordinance under the Articles of Confederation?
Applying for statehood.
What British general surrendered at Yorktown in 1781 to George Washington?
General Cornwallis
What form of Government most likely would result from the writings of the Federalist Papers in relationship to the principles of Government?
What parliamentary act lead to the third amendment?
Quartering Troops
What unalienable rights are we entitled to according to The Declaration of Independence?
Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness
What weaknesses of the articles of Confederation created a lack of money to fund projects?
inability to collect taxes
Why did the Federalists support the Constitution?
Strong National Government
What was the purpose of the 3/5 Compromise in regard to the counting of slaves for representation and taxation where the Constitution was being written?
South- Slaves for representation

North- Slaves for taxes