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what two features do all mammals have?
hair and mammary glands
what 3 things do all mammals do?
breathe air, have 4 chamber hearts, and are endotherms
how do mammals conserve body heat?
metabolism, body hair, and subcutaneous fat
how do mammals cool off?
what are early primates called?
what do primates have? [3]
binocular vision, well-developed cerebrum, long fingers and toes, and rotating arms
what do new world monkeys have?
prehensile tails
what are hominoids?
great apes [chimp, orangutan]
what makes hominids special?
bipedel and opposable thumbs
what species was Lucy?
what means 'handy man'?
homo habilis
what are 3 groups of living mammals?
monotremes, marsupials, and placentals
what is the difference between monotremes and marsupials?
monotremes- lay eggs
marsupials- bear live young that fully develop in pouch