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define science
a way to solve problems
what are the steps of the scientific method
observation, hypothesis (idea), experiment(test), conclusion(leads to a new idea/question)
What is the common concern of science vs Christians
That there is a conspiracy between scientists. This is easily discredited however because scientists always try to disprove one another.
define pantheistic
God is in everything
define monotheistic
there is a central God/creator that is orderly, predictable, and non-changing
what is evolution
change in gene proportion of a population over time

anaolgy of apartment showing that Christians shouldn't argue over evolution
what is the YOUNG EARTH theory
direct biblical interpretation. God made the earth in six 24 hour days.

strengths-simple, no science

weaknesses-contradicts most sciences, no mechanism, Gen 1&2 differ in details.
What is the Day:Age Resolution theory
Yom translation means day, period of time, era.

strength-allows resolution

weak- no mechanism
creations days were 24 hour days with gaps in between

strength-allows long time

weak- no mechanism
Time Lapse told to Moses
Moses was shown a slide show which collapsed millions of years into a mini show which he recorded. Assumption: long time, gradual change, humanity would now understand science. The show was allegoric not history/science
Multiple creations
creation occured multiple times leaving evidence of previous incarnations. primary reasoning: Hebrew language does not use a, an, the. EX) in ___ beginning

explanation: dinosaurs were not part of the most recent beginning
Theistic evolution
God used evolution to create earth. Timing is not literal. Accepts evolution no naturalism(no god). Evolution is God-ordained
Intelligent design
Evidence of design implies a designer. Irreducible complexity EX) eye, flagellum. No mechanism specified. Accepts both young earth and theistic evolution.