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Genetic equilibrium will only occur when:
Populaltion is large,
No significant gene flow or mutation,
Reproduction is random,
No selection
Ability of a microscope to discern small objects that are very close together or to discern detail in an object is called?
Which of the following parts of a compound microscope is adjusted to regulate the amount of light coming through the specimen?
Which of the following parts of a compound microscope is nearest the observers eye when using the microscope?
Ocular Lens
The low-power objective of a compound microscope has a magnification of?
Which of the following should be used when beginning to focus a compound microscope?
The lower power objective present on the microscope
A ___ is a small, nonunit scale in the eyepiece of a microscope that can be calibrated and used for measuring the size of microscopic objects.
Ocular micrometer
Define science
An objective process used to investigate natural occurrences.
A generalized statement that has predictive value and that is supported by years of testing is called a
Scientific theory
Parameters that could influence the result of an experiment and that must be held constant during the experiment are called
Controlled variables
The parameters that are monitored dduring an experiment while gathering data are called
Dependent variables
A test of a hypothesis should include all of the following EXCEPT
A single controlled variable
"If/then" statements are used to...
Predict the outcome of an experiment based on the hypothesis and the experimental methods
Parameter that the scientist is measuring
Dependent varibale
Parameter that is being tested
Independent variable
An inherited trait used in determining taxonomic relationships among a group of animals is a
A character that has been derived since a group diverged from a common ancestor is called a
The next level of taxonomy more inclusive than order is
A subset of taxa that shared a certain derived character is called a
(T/F) If all info about the evolution of a group is known, the group will always be represented as a monophyletic group?
(T/F) A paraphyletic group can be traced to more than one ancestral species?
(T/F) The simplest, more economical explanation for an evolutionary lineage is a parsimonious explanation?
(T/F) A group of organisms that is used to decide what character is ancestral for a group being studied is called an ingroup?
FALSE: outgroup
The goal of animal systematics is to study the diversity of animals and organize them into groupings that reflect evolutionary relationships among the groups.
What group includes a single ancestor and all of its descendants?
What group appears to have more than one ancestor?
What group includes some but not all members of the group?
Most commonly used tree diagram is called what?
The protozoa perform all functions within the confines of a single plasma membrane. Thus they are said to display?
Unicellular organization
Members of the phylum Euglenozoa may have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
Members of the Rhizopodans include
All of the following are characteristic of the phylum Apicomplexa EXCEPT
Cilia & flagella present in all stages
Veterbrates acquire malaria as a result of the parasite being introduced into the vertebrae through
The bite of a mosquito
Members of which of the following phyla possess both a macronucleus and a micronucleus?
(T/F) The Protozoa constitute a monophyletic grouping?
FALSE: Polyphyletic
(T/F) Members of the subphylum Eualenida possess cilia.
(T/F) The ectoplasm is a gellike layer of cytoplasm next to the plasma membrane of an amoeba and other protists?
(T/F) Contractile vacuoles are used in osmoregulation (Water regulation)
What sponge cell may be specialized into porocytes (myocytes) tht surround pores and can contract to regulate circulation of water to the interior of the sponge?
Which sponge cell creates water currents and filters suspended food particles from the water? (Sometimes called collar cells)
Which sponge cell may digest, store, & distribute food or be specialized to form reproductive cells, secrete spongin, or secrete filbris?
(T/F) Aconoid sponges have a spongocoel. Water enters the spongocoel through radial canals.
(T/F) Asconoid sponges have the simplest body organization.
(T/F) Incurrent canals of a leucon sponge are lined by choanocytes.
(T/F) The pathway for water leaving a sponge is through the osculum.
(T/F) The largest sponges have leuconoid body form.
(T/F) In the leuconoid sponges, incurrent canals lead to flagellated chambers.
(T/F) Sponges have tissue-level organization.
Members of the phyla Cnidaria and Ctenophora posses
Radial or biradial symmetry
Diploblastic, tissue-level organization
Oral & aboral ends
(All of the above)
The life cycle of many cnidarians involves an alternation between _ and _ stages.
Poly & Medusa
Member of the class Hydrozoa include
Colonial hydroids and Hydra
Members of the class Anthozoa include
Corals and sea anemones
The larval stage of cnidarians is called the
(T/F) The epidermis of cnidarians contains eithelio-muscular cells & cnidocytes
(T/F) The phylum name Cnidaria is derived from the presence of specialized cells called cnidocytes, which are used in reproduction.
(T/F) With a few exceptions, members of the phylum Cnidaria are monoecious.
FALSE: Dioecious
(T/F) Members of the class Anthozoa do not display alternationn of generations.
(T/F) The predominate life-history stage in members of the class Scyphozoa is the asexually reproducing polyp.
Members of the phylum Platyhelminthes are characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
Coelomate body plan
In members of the phylum Platyhelminthes, muscles and excretory structures arise from the embroyonic germ layer called the
Animals which are bilaterally symmetrical usually have a head where nervous tissue and sensory structures are found. This development of a head in a bilaterally symmetrical animal is called
Members of the class Turbellaria include the
Free-living flatworms
Members of the class Cestoidea include the
(T/F) A host that harbors the immature stage of a parasite is caled the definitive host
(T/F) Snails are the usual intermediate host of members of the class Trematoda
(T/F) Members of the class Cestoidea have a blind-ending digestive tract.
The body cavity that is entirely lined by mesoderm is a
All of the following are true of body cavities EXCEPT
They are usually filled with paranchyma
All of the following are aschelminths EXCEPT
The dev. of an indiv. from an unfertilized egg is called __. It is encountered in this weeks lab during observation of the phylum __>