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where is zimbabwe located
sounthern africa
zimbabwe colinzation
the english settlers imposed thier cuture on the local africans
what is the positive symbol of traditional culture identity and the ways of the aancestors?
what is the largest ethnic group in zimbabwe
what is the mbira
thumb piano, a set of lonbg jeys made from metal, a soundboard made from wood, a resonator to amplify the sound, jingles that buzz when keys are plucked.
what is the mbira resonator
brings out the instument's full tone, shells, bottle caps attached to the resonator and/or the soundboard to create a buzzing when played
what is a resonator
large gourd (deze)
what is the role of mbira in the shonna culture
communicating with the spirits, chases away harmful spirits, cures illnesses, included in celebrations.
what are the 4 shonna spirits
cheifs, whiches, family members, non-relatives or animals
mbira and possession trance
humans and spirits communicate by means of possession trances, brought on by mbira music
what is mapira (bira)
an all night ceremony where possessions occur
what type of mbira is used during a mapira
mbira dzavadzimu, tuned seven pitches scale and 3 octaves
components of a mbira dzavadzimu
2 interlocking parts
what is a kushaura
part of the interlocking part of mbira dzavadzimu, the main part
what is a kutsinhira
part of the interlocking mbira dzavadzimu, the second interwoven part. both polyphonic....multi layered sound
what are the three music styles for mbira dzavadzimu?
vocable, poetry and yodeling
what are gourd rattles
hosho- internal beads unlike axatse
what is hemiola
when many pieces exploit the relationship between the sounding of 3 against 2
zimbabwe song played for chaminuka
nhemamusasa characteristics
cyles of melody, polyphony, polyrythm, interlocking (kushaura and kutsinhira, buzzed timbre, hemiola
what is chimurenga music
refers to the struggle
what instrument is associated with dagara
what are the defining characteristics of the xylophone
pitched, wooden bars
where do the dagars poeople live in ghana
the upper west
what is the gyil
14 keyed ylophone
what are gourd resonators
holes cut in the gourds, covered with a thin, white membrane which produces a buzzing sound when the keys are struck, use spider castings
how is the gyil tuned
5 note scale
what is an ostinato
repeated rhythmic pattern
what is a kuor
accompanies gyil, drum with lizard skin head
where is dagara music played at
funerals, religios ceremonies, festivals, music recreational style called bewaa.
what do the bewaa dancers dress in
they wear metal jungles which causes rythm as well as buzzed timbre. metal castanets keep time.
components of the bewaa music
vocal song, gyil, ostinato, kuor, metal castanets, metal jungles
where are the dagbamba people from
northern region
what is the dagbamba clan of drummers called
what two types of drums do the dagbamba use
luna and gungon, each head has a snare strung across it.
what are the musical characteristics of the song Nag Biegu
call and response, buzzed timbre, dense texture, polyrythm, synocpation
what are the bamaya costumes like
designed to make them men look like women, on anles worn heavy jingles
what happened at the berlin conference
they divided territorial rights in s. and central africa.
what are the pan african characteristics
ostinatos, buzzed timbre, syncopation, call and response, interlocking, cyclical, polymeter, hemiola,
where are the Ewe people from
south eastern ghana
what are drums in the ewe ensemble
sogo, kidi, kagan, axatse
what is encluturation
learnign about the music by watching, practicing.
what three elemtns make up african american music
jazz, blues, and spiritual
what is lining-out
a type of call and response
what are the functions of work song
pass the time, esapism, make take more interesting, keep rythm/pace, coordination
what is the blues
a feeling, poetic, and musical
blues as a poetic art
folk poetry, subjects are love, life, and hard times
what is the blues form?
abcb+ 2 line refrain= quatrain
blues as a musical form
typifies blues, jazz, spiritual, gospel, triplet rythm, rythmically complex
delta blues
acuostic instruments, harmonica, spoken vocals
memphis blues
smooth arranged, brass, soulful vocals, lighter
how is music measured
its ability to integrate society, its ability to integrate cermonial, it supernatural power
plains music
high-pitched monophonic, heavy pulsation, form AA' BCD BCD
eastern woodlans
mod relaxed, yodelling, decending countours(except curing songs) call and response(only one)
s. west and california
open relaxed, lower part of vocal range, free meter, repition and variation NAVAJO- YEIBICHAI