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what organ is responsible for yuan source qi?
pre-natal essence
how is yuan source qi transported throughout the body?
via sj channels
emerges at source points
what nourishes the yuan source qi?
food qi
what is the function of yuan source qi?
promotes functional activities of zang fu organs and tissues
which organs make up zong qi? and what is the controlling point.
lung & heart
ren 17
zong qi is a combination of _____ & ______
gu qi that rises to the chest
qing qi inhaled by the lungs
what are the funcitons of zong qi?
promote speech & lung function of speech and respiration. promotes heart function of dominating blood & vessels, and aids circulation
the direction of zong qi is ______
the direction of yuan qi is ______
zong qi goes down
yuan qi goes up
important for respiration, mutual assistance of lung & kidney
______contols inhaling, ______contols exhaling
this organ is responsible for ying qi
where does ying qi circulate?
in the vessels inside the body
what is the function of ying qi?
promoting function:
produce blood and circulate with blood
ying qi & blood are very closely related
this qi is activated during acupuncture
ying qi
where does wei qi circulate?
outside the body
this qi is ______in the LJ/kidney ________ed by the MJ/spleen stomach and _______ in the upper UJ/lung
wei qi
rooted in the LJ
nourished by the MJ
spreads outward in the UJ
what is the circulation cycle of wei qi?
50 times in 24 hours
25 times on the exterior, day time, 25 times at night in the yin organs
where does the wei qi emerge and when?
from the interior, it emerges to the inner canthus opens the eyes to wake up
this qi is the last stage of transformation from all other qi's that circulatesl and nourishes the organs
zhen qi of the meridians
what are the functions of qi?
promoting-ying qi, T/T
warming-wie qi-SP/KD yang
defense-wei qi
checking/holding SP/blood,LU/sweat, UB-KD/urine,KD/essence
qi hua-activities function-mutual transformation of essense and qi and functional activites of zong fu
which direction does heart fire travel and what does it meet?
heart fire descends to meet kidney water, visa versa
no communication = insomia
what does blood dominate?
nourishment & moisture
what is the material foundation for mental activites?
blood-houses and anchors the mind, clear conscious and vigorus spirit
what is the relationship between essence and blood?
mutually influence each other
heart _____ blood
spleen _____ blood
liver _____ blood
heart governs blood
spleen produces & holds blood
liver stores blood
what is the shared function between liver and kidney?
kidney stores essence, liver stores blood
kidney essence controls reproductive functions so does blood
how does the lung participate in making blood?
it assists spleen to send food qi to the heart to produce blood
lung infuses qi into blood vessels to assist heart in circulation
qi is _____ compared to blood
yin or yang?
qi is yang
qi cannot be seperated from blood due to formation and circulation
_____ is the material basis of blood and it's transformation depends on _____
yin essence is transformed by qi
what are the four relationships between qi and blood?
qi generates blood
qi moves blood
qi holds blood (SP)
blood nourishes qi
jin is ____
ye is ____
jin = clear thin fluids
ye = thick and heavy
where is jin distributed?
what controls jin?
how is jin manifested?
distributed on muscular surface to nourish and moisten muscles & skin
controlled by the lungs & UJ spread them to skin
sweat, tears, saliva, mucous
thin blood to prevent stasis
where is ye distributed?
what controls ye?
how is ye manifested?
stored in the joints, orifices, strengthens brain marrow & spine
circulates with ying qi in the interior
controlled by SP/KD for transformation
nourishes/manifests in orifices, eyes, ears, nose, mouth
depend on LJ/MJ for movement & excretion
jin is ______ ye is ______
jin is fast, ye is slow
what is jin/ye derived from?
qi from food essence, and they may be mutually transformed