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Asthma is a polygenic disorder which results from an initial exposure to an
Difficulty breathing results from the type ____ hypersensitivity reaction involving
constriction of respiratory smooth muscles, increased mucous production,
edema and inflammatory cell infiltration.
In chronic cases, airway tissue is ______ with smooth muscle
hypertrophy, basement membrane fibrosis, edema and inflammatory
infiltrate (eosinophilia is significant).
______ deviation is responsible for Ig-E isotype response to the “allergen”.
____-cells are responsible for driving the asthmatic attack (histamines) as
well as later development of responses (cytokines).
Treatment involves identifying “allergens” and use of anti-inflammatory
agents (such as ______,…).
antihistamines, bronchodilators
Immunotherapy would involve deviating T cell response from Th2 to Th1 to
eliminate _______ of mast cells.