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Review the Sheet of weaknesses of the Articles or confederation. Hit the letter C on your keyboard to continue.
Be familiar with the sheet, Mr. Slatton says DO NOT MEMORIZE!
Why did the Conferderation Congress pass the Land ordinance and the northwest ordinance?
Slavery out of the Northwest; sell land for $$; encourage westward expansion
What was the purpose of the Annapolis convention?
discussed ways to promote trade
Who contributed to the federalist papers?
Madison, Hamilton and Jay
how did the antifederalists present their arguements against ratification?
published news articles and pamphlets.
How were slaves counted according to the constitution?
3 out of five were counted. (3/5)
When was the ban on slave trade to be discussed?
August 19, 1808
Who had final autority under the articles of confederation?
What law provided a township and a place for education?
Land ordinance of 1785
What happens when a territory has a population of 60,000?
Apply to become a state
How many people were needed to approve an amendment of the Articles?
all of them (13 states)
Define federalism..
system of government in which the power is shared between the central government and states
Why did americans fear a strong government?
experiences under Britain (??)
List the reasons why the US wanted Virginia and New York to approve the Constitution.
Geographically divided; two largest states (area and population); Madison and Hamilton are from these areas
Why did antifederalists dislike the proposed Constitution?
Government would be too strong
How did Shay's rebellion play a role in the constitutional convention of 1787?
Made the people think the government needed to be stronger
Why did the new government add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
Some people would not vote for it without a Bill and to limit the power of national government and protect people's right
What did Virginia and New York want added to the Constitution?
Bill of Rights
What issue needed to be setled before the smaller states agreed to the Articles of confederation?
who owned western lands
Who had the most power under the articles of confederation?
What opened Kentucky to settlement?
Wilderness Road
What important power did the national government lack under the articles of confederation?
levy taxes
Small State plan=
New Jersey Plan
What plan is the basic frame of the government?
Who is the father of the consttitution?
James Madison
What provoked shay's rebellion?
Heavy taxation
Answer Articles of Confederation or Constitution for the next 7 quesions:

Provided states one vote:
Articles of confederation
executive branch
took 4 years to be approved
articles of confederation
Ratified with the approval of New Jersey:
Articles of confederation
2 houses:
1 house:
Articles of confederation
3 powers: