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What was George Washinton's role in the American Revolution?
Commander of the Continental Army.
Define stategy
Overall plan of action.
Define Rendezvous.
A meeting
What was the percentage of people who supported the Revolution? (aka Patriots)
Also, 40% were neutral, 20% were Loyalists.
The turning point of the war was:
The Battle of Saratoga.
What is a guerilla?
Small band of soldiers who weaken the enemie by using surprise attacks and hit and run attacks.
Who surrendered at the end of the American Revolution?
The British. (Cornwallis.)
Last battle of the American Revolution?
Battle of Yorktown.
Define Pacifist and Hessian.
Pacifist- Person(s) opposed to war.
Hessian- Hired German soldier.
What was the purpose of the British strategy to seize the Husdon River Valley?
To cut off New England from the other COLONIES.
Why didn't most Americans support the Revolution when it began?
They were neutral.
What was the role of the African Americans in the Continental Army?
They served in the Army.
Which American sought France's help?
Benjamin Franklin.
How did geography help the Patriots win the Revolution?
They knew the surrounding area and geography as the British did not.
Effects of the Battle of Saratoga were:
1.) Turning point in the war and 2.) Benedict Arnold was injured- causing him to marry a Loyalist- making him betray the Army and give up a fort to the British.
How did the American Government change after the war?
Define loyalists:
People loyal to Britain.
Who is John Paul Jones and why is he significant?
Famous naval officer who defeated the British in a battle in the sea.
What motivated the privateers?
Profit and Patriotism.
(Found on page 108.)
What treaty ended the Revolutionary War?
Treaty of Paris, 1783.