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List five reversible dementias?
1. alcholic dementia
2. normal pressure hydrocephalus
3. drug toxicity
4. pseudodementias
5. dementias caused by nutritional defects
In Alzeheimers, what neuronal system has a lot of degeneration?
The cholinergic neurons in the "nucleus basalis of Meynert"
What is the major genetic problem found in familial alzheimers?
Increased production of amyloid precursor proteins.
What are type of drugs are tacrine (Cognex), Aricept, and Exelon?
Cholinergic degradation inhibitors used to treat Alzheimers.
What is Cevimeline?
A direct cholinergic agonist used to treat Alzheimers.
For Alzeheimers disease, what three things can be given to the patient either prior to the disease or right at the onset as preventative medicine?
1. PRESENLINS 1 and 2
2. Estrogen
What is Ciliary neurotrophic factor given to treat?
Huntington's disease
What is Riluzole and what is it given to treat?
Riluzole is a Na channel blocker given to treat Px with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It prolongs life.
Four dementias due to cardiovascular disorders are:
1. Atherosclerosis (large vessel)
2. arteriosclerosis (small vessel)
3. Embolisms
4. Strokes
What is the treatment for Atherosclerosis induced dementia?
Diet and anti-hyperlipoproteinemia drugs (clofibrate, cholestyramine, "STATINS")
What type of drugs are given to treat arteriosclerosis?
What two drugs are given in the acute treatment of non-hemorrhagic strokes?
Recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA)
What is given to reduce hypothyroidism induced dementia?
What is given to reverse Cushing's syndrome induced dementia?
Mifepristone (glucorticoid antagonist)
When you are doing a work up for Alzheimers disease what two types of neuroimaging are ordered?
Head CT scan without contrast
Head MRI without contrast