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Why are 330 hook bill species nearly extinct?
loss of habitat and trade
What three traits do breeders look for when selecting animals for petbird breeding?
docility, curiosity, disrespect for species boundaries
What does CITES stand for?
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
What does CITES do?
It is an agreement between member nations to control international shipping and trade of animals and plants
What is the order of birds that includes songbirds called?
What is the order of bird that includes hookbills/parrots called?
What is the order of birds that includes pigeons and doves called?
What is the order of birds that includes peafowl, turkeys, quail, pheasants, and chickens called?
What is the order of birds that includes ducks, geese, swans, and teal (waterfowl) called?
What is the order of birds that includes ostrich, emu, kiwi, and rhea called?
What is the order of birds that penguins are in called?
What is the order of birds that includes birds of prey and eagles called?
What are some factors to consider when determining an adequate cage size for a bird?
must be able to extend wings fully w/o touching sides, tail must not rub on cage, and width is more important that height
What type of tree branches should not be used as bird perches?
Perches should vary in ___ and ___
diameter and type
What factors should be kept in mind for a bird's environment?
supervise other animals, very sensitive to fumes (teflon), need warm temp (70-80), toxic plants, no smoking
Toys made out of what material are best for birds?
How old can parrots get?
50-100 yrs
How old do parakeets get?
5-8 yrs but better w/ good nutrition
How old do cockatiels get
15-20+ yrs
Urine and feces are a big clue as to the ___ of the bird
In most birds, urine and feces are passed together through the ___
Bird urine is typically _____
What are urates?
The white liquid portion passed w/ urine and feces
What does normal bird feces look like?
green, formed to loose in consistency
Why is it a very dangerous time when bird who molt once a year are motling?
Because they cannot fly away from predators
Do passerines molt once a year or year round?
Once a year
Do Psittacines molt once a year or year round?
year round
What other things happen to a bird when it is molting?
egg laying and singing stop and they are very prone to illness
Most birds are carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?
Omnivores - they need a wide variety of foods
Most birds on a ___ diet suffer from poor nutrition/metabolic dz
seed diet
What is the recommended diet for most birds?
pellets supplemented w/ veggies, fruits, eggs, tofu, cereal, pasta, yogurt, etc (up to 25% can be the supplements)
Why might a bird's water need to be changed more than once a day?
bathing and droppings in water
When restraining a bird, it is very important that you DO NOT do what?
Compress the chest
What might be used to assist in restraining a bird?
What is a unique feature of most bird bones? Why do they have this?
Pneumatic (air-filled) - makes them lighter for flight
What two bird bones are NOT pneumatic and thus are used for interosseous injections?
ulna and tibiotarsus
What bone is used to assess a bird's body condition?
keel bone (sternum)
Feathers are actually modified ___.
In addition to flight, what are the benefits of feathers?
waterproof, provide insulation, give shade
What are the feathers that we clip called?
Primary wing feathers
What are new feathers called? Why?
Bloodfeathers - they have blood in their core
How do you stop the bleeding of a blood feather?
pluck the feather
What is a unique feature of bird tracheal rings?
They are complete, not "C" shaped
Describe a birds breathing
breathes in , extracts oxygen, and then when exhaling the air passes right back out of the bird the same way it came in - back up through the lungs and then out
In birds, the ___ acts as a prehensile tool
What is the crop in birds?
a dilation of esophagus that acts as a temporary storage chamber - can get burned during handling
What is a gizzard?
2nd section of stomach, muscular organ for grinding, mixing chamber that contains grit
What is the cloaca? In french?
terminal chamber where urinary, digestive, and reproductive systems empty - "common sewer"
What is unique about bird of prey digestion?
Indigestible remains (hair/bones) are stored in gizzard, form bolus, and is hacked up
Where are testicles located in male bird?
in abdomen
Female birds have only one ___ and it is usually located on the ___ side
ovary, left
Female birds can store sperm for longperiods of time - how long and why do they do this
10-14 days, sequential embryo/egg formation as only one egg can process at a time
How are birds sexed?
Some m/f appear different (dimorphic), surgical sexing, DNA blood tests, Fecal Steroid Analysis
What is a clutch?
# of legs laid in one cycle
What is an indeterminate layer? Examples of?
species that replaces lost/damaged eggs - chickens and psittacines
What is a determinant layer? Examples of?
lays a specific # of eggs per clutch - crows and raptors
What is recommended for ALL new birds?
A new bird exam
A bird hides an illness until when?
Until is is very, very, sick - survival mechanism
What is a vy good tool for assessing a bird's health?
Monitoring its weight
Why are wing trims essential?
prevent escape, reduce dominance issues, and reduce liklihood of injury
Why do you never trim just one wing?
Casues balance troubles that can lead to injury
Describe how to trim wings
Extend wing and cut first 8-10 primary feathers following the natural line of the covert feathers - never cut shorter than coverts
What can you use to trim feathers
regular scissors, bandage scissors, wire cutters
Is a bird's beak sensitive?
If a bird's beak is extremely long what should be done in re: to trimming it? Why?
trim it back in stages - if too much cut at once, the bird may not be able to eat
Descirbe some methods for giving meds to a bird orally
curved feeding tubes/gavage needles, medicating water (iffy), inject med into food that bird likes
Where are SQ injections given in birds?
on back in between wings, or inner thigh
Where is IM injection given in birds?
pectoral muscles
What veins may be used for IV injections in birds?
wing veins, jugular, medial metatarsal (lg birds)
What is the method for med admin called where med is added to water then a machine is used to turn it into a mist for inhalation?
One day of an illness in a bird = ___ days in a human
7 days
Why should a client not clean the cage before bringing a bird to the vet
vet/tech can see # and type of droppings
What bird dz is zoonotic and reportable to DoH?
What bird dz can show signs similar to a "one eyed cold"
What bird dz is also known as "Bird AIDS"
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
What bird dz is a virus that affects birds during molting and is considered fatal?
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
What is another name for Polyoma Virus?
Budgerigar Fledgling Disease
What disease can show as acute death in bugdies @ 15-20 days or or chronic poor feathering in other breeads? Vax avail?
Polyoma Virus/Budgerigar Fledgling Dz - vax is avail
What bird dz is an infection of the feet due to poor perch sanitation or rough perches and is a big problem in raptor rehab?
What bird Dz is a concern to the commercial poulty industry?
Newcastle Dz
In which bird dz does a Herpes virus cause a fatal hepatitis? Vax avail?
Pacheco's Dz - vax avail
What is the bird condition called when an egg becomes stuck in the canal and won't pass?
Egg binding
What are some parasites that birds could get?
giardia, lice, mites
What is the scientific name of scaley leg or face mite that parakeets or canaries may get?
Knemidocoptes sp.
What are some causes of feather picking?
boredom, malnutrition, change in environment, stress, parasites, PBFD
What bird condition may be tx w/ a modified e-collar and/or antidepressants?
feather picking
Should a bird's leg band be kept on or removed after purchase?
removed - retain for proof of ownership/purchase, however