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COMP REVIEW - Parasitology
COMP REVIEW - parasitology
Ancylostoma caninum
Trichuris vulpis
lungworm in cats
Capillaria aerophilia
Dirofilaria immitis
roundworm in dogs
Toxocara canis
tapeworm in dogs and cats
Taenia pisiformis
deer tick
Ixodes dammini
sarcoptic mange
Sarcoptes scabei
ear mite
walking dandruff
scaley leg mite
roundworm in horses
Parascaris equorum
stomach worm in large animals
Habronema muscae
lungworm in large animals
barber-pole worm in lg animals
Haemonchus contortis
kidney worm in pigs
Stephanurus dentatus
Why do fecal foats often reveal rounds and hooks in puppies and kittens
Eggs are passed in the feces (have been ingested) and can lay dormant in mother for a long time. Babies get them from mother. Eggs float and thus show up on fecal
What does an adult roundworm look like?
What does a tapeworm look like? An individual segment?
Adult - connected segs, segs look like grains of rice.
If you find Dipylidium segs in a stool sample, what other parasite might be found on this patient?
Fleas - Dipylidium is flea tapeworm
What kind of parasite does Pyrantel pamoate control? Trade name?
Strongid-T, Nemex
rounds & hooks
What kind of parasite does Piperazine control? Trade name?
What kind of parasite does Fenbendazole control? Trade name?
rounds, hooks, whips, Paragonimus, lungworm
What kind of parasite does Praziquantel pamoate control? Trade name?
cestodes (tapes)
What kind of parasite does Metronidazole control? Trade name?
What kind of parasite does sulfadimethoxine control? Trade name?
What is visceral/ocular larval migrans? What causes it?
An infection with the larval form of the parasite Toxocara(rounds), which can affect a person's eyes, lungs, liver, brain, and heart. Usully seen in young children
What is cutaneous larval migrans?
Also called creeping eruption, it is a skin rash caused by the migration of dog or cat hookworm larvae beneath the skin.
Are roundworms zoonotic?
Are hookworms zoonotic?
Are whipworms zoonotic?
Are threadworms (strongyloides stercoralis) zoonotic?
Is Toxoplasma zoonotic?
Is cryptosporidium zoonotic?
Is giardia zoonotic?
Are tapeworms zoonotic?
Echinococcus spp is and so is Diphyllobothrium. Not Taenia or Dipylidium, however.
Can humans get fleas?
Can humans get lice from animals?
No - species specific
Is mange mite (sarcoptes) xmissible to humans?
Are ear mites xmissible to humans?
Is demodex xmissible to humans?
No, humans have their own species
Define parasite
An organism that lives within, upon, or at the expense of another organism, known as he host.
Define definitive host
Where sexually mature form of the parasite is found
Define intermediate host
Supports the asexual form of the parasite & is necessary in the parasite's life cycle (i.e. heartworm has to have mosquito)
Define paratenic host
"transfer host" - carries of xfers the parasite, NOT reqd for the lifecycle of the parasite
Define prepatent period
time from initial infection until it can be found diagnostically
Define an indirect life cycle
has to have an intermediate host (i.e. - heartworm has to have mosquito)
Define acariasis
infestation with or disease caused by mites (cheyletiella, sarcoptes)
Define pediculosis
infestation w/ lice
What is a nematode?
What is a cestode?
segmented worms (tapes)
What is a trematode?
flat, unsegmented worms (flukes)
What is a protozoan?
single-celled parasite
Define Anoplura
sucking form of lice
Define Mallophaga
biting form of lice
Name some flotation solutions (5)?
sugar, sodium chloride (NaCl), Magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium nitrate
What solution is necessary for a Giardia float?
zinc sulfate
What is described on a gross fecal exam (7)?
presence of worms, mucus, bones/chips, consistency, odor, color, blood
How long does the cover slip need to sit on a fecal float?
10-20 minutes depending on solution
What supplies are needed for a skin scraping? How is it done?
scalpel blade, clippers, mineral oil, slide
Clip area, dip blade in oil or put oil on skin, scrape / blade perpendicular until small amt of capillary blood appears, place scrape debris into drop of mineral oil on slide and examine
How is a Modified Knott's test performed?
Mix blood w/ 2% formalin in centrifuge tube, spin for 5 mins, pour off liquid, stain the sediment, xfer a drop to a slide and examine for microfilariae
What are some signs of heartworm dz?
tires easily, soft productive cough, lethargy, wt. loss, decreased appetite - can be asymptomatic
What are some trade names for Ivermectin? What is it? How freq is it given?
Heartgard 30, Heartgard Plus, is a heartworm preventative -given monthly
What are some trade names for Milbemycin? What is it? How often is it given? What else does it tx?
Interceptor, Sentinel - monthly heartworm preventative, also treats rounds, hooks, and whips
What are some trade names for Moxidectin? What is it?
ProHeart & ProHeart6 (injectibile - recalled) Heartworm preventative
What is the trade name for Selamectin? What is it, how is it administered?
Revolution - once a month topical heartworm preventative
What time of year should dogs be tested for heartworms?
Why should dogs be tested for heartworm before giving preventative?
Preventative will do nothing for existing infestation, adverse inflammatory reaction if heartworm + dog given preventative
Why should you do the more expensive antigen test rather than just the concentration test for heartworm?
Antigen testing is the most sensitive dx test
Why is a heartworm test done every year before starting prev?
Possible that prev wasn't effective (product failure, lapse in dosing, etc) or there was an existing infestation that wasn't detected, adverse inflammatory reaction can occur if prev given to pos animal
How is heartworm tx?
Adulticide (Immiticide) tx, kill microfilaria, then preventive
How do you prevent animals from getting fleas?
Topical monthly spot-ons (Frontline, Advantage, Advantix), flea collars, wash bedding regularly, etc
What should be done if a new pet is brought home and it is discovered that it has fleas?
Tx all pets in household (shampoo, dip, powder, etc & preventative), treat house - fogger possibly, vaccuum entire house, wash all bedding & rugs, clean carriers/crates/cars & treat outside common areas