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What are 4 porposes of sutures?
ligate, secure drains, temp closure of an orifice, closure of wounds
Although there isn't one, what would the properties of an ideal suture material be (8)?
non-reactive, easy to handle, monofilament, easy to sterilize, high knot strength, lack of memory, absorbs in a predictable manner, economical
RE suture sizes, the suture does not need to be any stronger than the ___ on which it is used.
Re: suture material, the knot security ___ as the size increases.
If suture sizes are 2,1,0,2-0,3-0,4-0, whic h is the thinnest?
4-0, finest avail is 9-0
What are two types of sutures?
absorbable and non-absorbable
What are three features of absorbable suture material?
digested and assimilated by the body, doesn't req suture removal, produces some degree of tissue reaction
What are 3 situations in which absorbable suture material may be used?
Internal sutures, when animal is factious, in an area where removal would be difficult (near eye)
Name 4kinds of absorbable suture material
Surgical/CAT gut, PGA, PLA, PDS
What does CAT stand for?
Chromic-Acid Treated
What is surgical/CAT gut made from?
submucosal layer of sheep or hog intestine
Why is CAT gut treated w/ chromic acid?
prolong absorption time, decrease soft tissue reaction
How long does it take plain gut to absorb? CAT gut?
plain - 3-5 days
CAT - 10-15 day
What are some advantages of surgical/CAT gut?
easy to handle, ties well: good knot security, economical
What are some disadvantages ofsurgical/CAT gut?
hydroscopic(swells), tissue reaction, strong capillary reaction
What is PGA suture material?
Polyglycolic Acid (Dexon), aborbable, is a synthetic suture made in fine threads then woven into suture material of different guages.
How long does PGA retain its strength?
2-3 weeks
What are some advantages of PGA? disadvantages?
handles well, low tissue reaction
knotslippage, high tissue drag
What is PLA?
Polygalactica 910 (Vicryl or Polymend) - similar to PGA, synthetic, braided or monofilament, retains strength 3 weeks absorbed in 90 days
What is PDS? Unique feature?
Polydioxanone (Monomend), synthetic monofilament, longest lasting absorbable suture avail
What are some advantages of PDS? disadvantages?
+ - low tissue drag, good retention of strength, monofilament, long lasting
- expensive, high memory, knot slippage
What are 6 kinds of non-absorbable suture materials?
silk, nylon, polypropylene, polyester fibers, ploymerized caprolactam, metal
What are the four groups of non-absorbable suture materials?
silk & cotton, braided synthetics, monofilament synthetics, metal
What happens to non-aborbable sutures if they are burried?
become encysted
Why is braided silk usually preferred over monofilament?
stronger and easier to handle
+/- of silk?
+ high tensile strength, easy to handle, excellent knot stability, inexpensive, easy to sterilize
- capillary action, mod high tissue reaction
What are silk sutures used for?
cardiovascular & ophthalmic surgery
What is a general disadvantage for all synthetic non-absorbable suture materials?
Req many throws due to poor knot security
What synthetic non-absorbable suture material has many uses including skin and fascia?
polypropylene (Prolene)
What synthetic non-absorbable suture material are teflon or silicon coated?
Polyester fibers (Mersilene, Dacron)
What synthetic non-absorbable suture material is a twisted synthetic fiber w a smooth coating & is dispensed on a roll w/o a needle attached?
Polymerized caprolactam (Vetafil)
What synthetic non-absorbable suture material is made of surgical stainless steel?
What suture materials are destroyed by autoclaving?
gut, PDS, PLA, PGA (absorbables)
What suture materials experience a decrease in strength when autoclaved?
nylon, polyester, polypropylene
Autoclaving is safe for what type of suture material?
What sterilization methods are safe for all suture materials?
Ethylene Oxide (gas), radiation (not common)
What are two types of needle points?
trocar and blunt
What are three types of needle bodies?
taper, cutting, reverse cutting
what are 6 needle shapes?
5/8 circle, 1/2 circle, 3/8 circle, 1/4 circle, 1/2 curve, straight
What are two needle attachment methods?
Eyed, swaged (pre-attached)
The lower the number, the ___ the needle
What are the two basic suture pattern types?
interrupted and continuous
Explain interrupted suture pattern
Sutures that are tied or cut after one or two passages through the tissue
Explain continuous suture pattern
multiple passages through the tissue running from point of origin to some point distant, w/ a knot at each end
What are some advantages of an interrupted suture pattern?
maintains strength and tissue apposition if part of suture line fails, technique for each suture is easy & rapid
What are some disadvantages of an interrupted suture pattern?
uses more material, takes more time to complete suturing, increased foreign material in the body
What are some advantages of a continuous suture pattern?
ease of application, minimal suture material, easy to remove, more rapid closure of incisions
What is the disadvantage of a continuous suture pattern?
entire line breaks down if one component fils
Name 4 kinds of interrupted suture patterns
simple interrupted, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, cruciate
Name 6 kinds of continuous suture patterns
simple continuous, Ford interlocking (blanket stitch), Lembert, Cushing, Connell, Cushing-Lembert (Parker-Kerr)
What are special tension-relieving sutures?
used when normal suture patterns would be subject to excessive tension or pressure (Stent & quill, Bunnell, Cerclage, Hemicerclage)
What are subcuticular sutures?
continuous horizontal suture pattern w/ the suture hidden w/i the dermis
What are subcutaneous sutures?
simple interrupted or continuous pattern used to close the fat layer below the skin