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What do we tx pain in vet med?
anything considered painful in humans considered painful in animals, owner concerns, new generation anesthetics have rapid recovery w/ little/no post-op sedation or analgesia, human studies show incr survival rates and recovery times e/ eff pain mgmt
What are the goals of pain mgmt?
allow pt to move, eat, & sleep w/o undue discomfort
Pain mgmt is focused on the first ___ hours after routine surg, but may be longer w/ a sever trauma or esp painful surg
12-24 hours
What is a nociceptor?
sensory nerve cells in skin or deep tissues that can detect a noxious stimulus and convert it to nerve impulses
Nerve impulsesa re xmitted by a chain or ar least 3 neurons - name these neurons
sensory neurons in tissue, spinal cord neuron, brain neuron (where pain is perceived)
Name the two types of sensory neurons and what kind of pain they xmit
A Delta fibers - sharp, discrete pain
C fibers - dull/aching/throbbing pain
What is somatic pain?
pain in skin, SC, muscle, bones, joints
What is visceral pain?
pain of internal organs
What are three intensities of pain?
mild, moderate, severe
What are two terms for duration of pain? Which more responsive to analgesia?
Acute & chronic, acute more responsive to analgesia
What is referred pain?
pain felt in a body part other than the cause
What is hyperesthesia?
increased sensitivity to stimulus
What is neuropathic pain?
pain due to direct damage to peripheral nerves or spinal cord - often poorly responsive to analgesics
What type of tissue experiences more pain - examples
tissues w/ lg # of nerves or nerve endings - ears, eyes, bones, joints, nerves, cervical discs
What is more painful - abdominal or thoracic surg?
What species "hide" pain?
prey species
Name some indicators of pain
decr activity, restlessness, limping, guarding a body part, incr heart &/or resp rate, abnormal body posture, pupil dialtion, depression, lack of appetite, vocalization, shaking, sleeplessness, licking/chewing
In general, the more pain indicators present and the more pronounced they are, the ___ the animal is experiencing pain