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Neuromuscular blockers paralyze only ___muscle, not ___ muscle
skeletal, not visceral smooth
With neuromuscular blockers, the patient can't ___ or ___, but the ___ & ___ can function.
can't move or breath but heart and GI can function
Neuromuscular blockers have no effect on the ___ thus provide no sedation or analgesia
When are neuromuscular blockers administered?
After induction of general anesthesia
Since the patient cannot breathe when NM blockers are used, you must ___ & ___ the patient
intubate and ventilate
Although not used much in vet med, what are some uses of NM blockers?
Thoracic, orthopedic and ophthalmic surgery, reintubation in laryngospasm
Succinylcholine, Gallamine, Pancuronium bromide, and Curare are what kind of drugs?
NM blockers
Name two types of NM blockers
depolarizing and nonepolarizing muscle paralyzers
How do nondepolarizing muscle paralyzers work? Example of?
replace acetylcholine at receptor and prevent receptor activation - Succinylcholine
How to depolarizing muscle paralyzers work? Example?
they compete w/ acetylcholine at receptor site - Gallamine, pancuronium bromide, curare
Which kind of NM blockers can be reversed? Name the reversant
depolarizing muscle paralyzers, neostigmine
When using NM blocker succinylcholine, how to muscles react?
twitch followed by paralysis
Anesthesia - neuromuscular blockers
Anesthesia - neuromuscular blockers