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A/S - healing process
A/S - healing process
When does wound healing begin?
when tissue is damaged
What is the goal of wound healing?
to restore the injured tissue to its pre-wound condition in a short time w/ minimal loss of function
What are the three phases of healing?
Exudative phase, collagen phase, maturation phase
Explain the exudative stage of healing
passage of fluid & cells occurs along w/ the initial inflammatory response (redness, swelling, heat, loss of function, pain)
Explain the collagen phase of healing
granulation tissue (collagen & new capillaries) is formed - at the beginning of this phase there is not much strength in the healing area
What is collagen?
the major protein that binds cells & tissues together
Explain the maturation phase of the healing process
wound is covered with epithelium - contraction occurs in this phase
What are 9 factors that can affect the healing process?
nutrition, steroids, tissue debris, tissue handling, blood supply, infection, bleeding, foreign materials, motion
How does nutirition affect the healing process?
protein deficieny and anemia retard the healing process
How do steroids affect the healing process?
corticosteroids can decrease inflammation but also delay healing
How does tissue debris affect the healing process?
must be removed for healing to begin
How does a tissue handling affect the healing process?
tissue must be carefully handled w/ proper instruments and kept moist
How does blood supply affect the healing process?
it is essential for healing to occur - avoid strangulating the supply w/ tight sutures, bandages or excessive inflammation
How does infection affect the healing process?
delays wound healing
How does bleeding affect the healing process?
can help clean a wound, but pooled blood or blood clots are ideal for bacterial growth & infections
How do foregin bodies affect the healing process?
should be removed when cleaning a wound or they will be a source of infection and drainage tracts. Rmember that sutures are a foreign body as well
How does motion affect the healing process?
excessive motion of the skin around a wound delays healing
Define incision
clean cut w/ a sharp instrument
Define contusion
bruise/hematoma that is the result of a blow w/ a blunt instrument
Define laceration
cut caused by a jagged object (glass, barbed wire)
Define puncture
sm circular wound associated w/ injury to deeper structures (bite, bullet)
Define abrasion
scraping injury involving the skin
What needs to be assessed for a patient w/ a wound (5)?
animal conditions, type of damage, location, circulation to wound intact?, age of wound
What is the "golden period" re: a wound?
The first 8 hours after the wound is formed
What are the three categories of wound management?
1st, 2nd, and 3rd intention healing
What is 1st intention healing?
immediate cleaning & suturing - usually for clean wounds that are <8 hrs old and uncomplicated - least scarring
What is 2nd intention healing?
Healing through granulation - most scarring
What is 3rd intention healing?
wound begins to heal through granulations and then is sutured after healthy granulation tissue is present - intermediate scarring
What are 5 steps in initial prep of a wound?
restraint, clip hair, clean skin, lavage wound, cover wound
What are some solutions that can be used to lavage a wound?
sterile saline, LRS, water, +/- hydrogen peroxide
What are the 3 bandage layers?
Primary (contact-guaze), secondary (absorbent - cotton), tertiary (protective - VetWrap)
Bandaging: explain absorption function
remove exudate from wound
bandaging: explain protection function
prev. further contamination and trauma
bandaging: explain antisepsis function
may contain antibiotics and antiseptics
bandaging: explain pressure function
decr dead space and fluid accumulation, may also provide homeostasis
bandaging: explain immobilization function
decreases pain and rests the wound
bandaging: explain debridement function
adherent primary layer will remove lacerated/devitalized/contaminated tissue when removed
bandaging: explain packing function
deep wounds can be packed w/ gauze that may be soaked w/ antiseptics
bandaging: explain information function
condition of bandage provides info about healing process and infection
bandaging: explain aesthetic function
open wounds are unappealing to look at, also protects household environment from drainage