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Anesthesia - machine parts
Anesthesia - machine parts
What are the three general components of an anesthetic set-up?
Compressed gas supply, anesthetic machine, and the breathing circuit
What do the gas cylinders do?
Provide oxygen and perhaps nitrous oxide to the anesthesia set-up
What does the flowmeter do?
allows the anesthetist to set the gas flow rate which is the amount of oxygen that travels through the machine to be delivered to the patient
What does the vaporizer do?
convert a liquid anesthetic to to a vapor state and to add controlled amounts of the vaporized anesthetic to the carrier gases flowing through the machine
What does the breathing circuit do?
carries anesthetic and oxygen from the vaporizer to the patient & takes expired gases away from the patient
What does the inhalation flutter valve do?
upon inhalation it opens to allow oxygen and anesthetic to enter the hoses and travel to the patient
What does the exhalation flutter valve do?
upon exhalation it opens to take exhaled gases away from the patient
What does the reservoir bag do?
stores gas, indicates correct placement of endotrach tube, allows observation of pts resp, allows delivery of oxygen by "bagging"
What does the pop-off valve do?
allows excess gas to leave the circuit and enter the scavenger system, prevents excessive pressure or volume of gases w/i the system, adjusts optimum gas volume w/i the system
What does the CO2 absorber do?
Removes CO2 by absorbing it in the granules
What does the oxygen flush valve do?
allows oxygen to to bypass the flowmeter & vaporizer and go directly to the patient
What does the pressure manometer do?
Usually located on top of the CO2 absorber canister, it shows the pressure of the gases w/i the breathing system and thus w/i the pts lungs
What does that vaporizer do?
adds anesthetics to the carrier gases